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I have applied my skills as an economist and futurist for over three decades in a diverse range of activities spanning both government and private sectors. These include: public housing, consumer protection, public sector management, industrial and resources development, advising Cabinet Ministers on industrial relations and tourism, planning a major petrochemical plant, feasibility studies, venture capital, community development, share market investment, mineral exploration and mining.

Based on a serious ongoing contemplation of my life experiences I believe there is purpose and meaning for all existence that transcends and includes the material realm. This higher purpose has a tangible quality of creatively moving forward moving. the cosmological story of the universe is evidence of this force of nature which is who we are at the deepest spiritual level. It is from this perspective that I will be enquiring into why and how economics as a human activity can evolve.

This is an perpetually unfolding enquiry and doesn’t have any endpoint solution.

My awakening to our inherent spiritual nature arose initially through childhood experiences where a sense of oneness of all things was revealed, particularly when in nature. In adolescence I discovered the poetry of William Wordsworth who expressed so beautifully in words what I so deeply and tangibly experienced in nature.

Something came from nothing 13.81 billion years ago and we as the human species, as far as I can see, are the highest expression of this evolutionary trajectory at this point in time, and we are the first life form to have self reflective awareness. Now that we have this amazing capacity how can we use it to participate in conscious evolution? This is what I am interested in. What more meaningful purpose is there than to live beyond a separate sense of self or ego for the purpose of engagement with others to consciously create the future? This is creativity as never before imagined in the realm of economics.

I want to see cross fertilisation between disciplines as its at these intersections that the new emerges- the new technologies, both technical and  social.  I am aiming for this website to be a dynamic amalgam of these influences. I want to bring into being new possibilities, to make sense of paradox, and bring a wholesomeness and freedom to economics.

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