More to us than just the material realm.

There is more to this life than just the material realm. We know that we can only see a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum and can only hear a small part of sounds.  In the Universe, science tells us that the material realm is  a very very small part of the universe. The measurements by the European Space Agency’s Planck Mission showed in March 2013 that normal matter – the stuff of stars, planets and people – accounts for less than 5% of the mass- energy in the observable universe, while dark matter makes up around 27%. The rest of the cosmos , around 68%, is labeled dark energy and is thought to be the driving force behind the expansion of the universe. So why is it so difficult for many people to accept that the mystical or spiritual experience is a visceral discovery of the deeper Self and the infinite context or reality within which everything exists. Everything including the material realm emerges from this infinite nothing ness.  I experience this primordial everything and nothing every time I meditate and after many many years of spiritual practice hold this position as Self in daily life. That Self is endlessly  fascinating, free from any cultural or biological conditioning,  while not holding onto any thing in particular – the space is there always for the new to emerge and when engaging with a like minded person(s) the creativity that emerges between us, in the space between us  is so wholesome and true – even if a part of me ( the conditioned self) may be finding it all somewhat confronting. Trust between the like minded people allows for creative friction to be an inherent quality of the engagement without anger or fear or doubt to overwhelm me . Differences are intuitively accommodated in the enquiry as there is trust that each engagement is coming from the right place- a place of creativity and authenticity that is seeking to go deeper into the enquiry to allow a new perspective or insight to emerge. Not all engagements result in answers as that is not the objective- the objective is for awareness  to develop and for depth to emerge.

We pay so little attention to our own experiences of life and rarely ( if ever) ask and enquire openly into the questions like Who am I and why am I here and what is the source of my own awareness and desire for survival, meaning and development.

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