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I prepare trend analysis, scenarios, strategic plans, creativity programs, cultural transformation programs. 

Evolutionary Economics, to sustain its inherently dynamic nature, needs to be monitoring indicators of existing and future trends. This blog is informed by a diverse  range of sources.

A radical interdisciplinary approach is reflected in the presentation of information including but not limited to the areas of science, medicine, business, economics, demographics, geopolitics, politics, popular culture, the arts, education, history, psychology, cosmology, spirituality, meditation , religion, evolutionary enlightenment, finance, management, and philosophy. The patterns or trends that emerge testify to the remarkably diverse and evolving capabilities of the human species. They embody and express our underlying values and importantly play a part in building inter-subjective structures in consciousness and culture.

Through scanning data from these diverse fields, patterns and trends can be found and can provide early stage, “canary in the mine” alerts to changes in trends- what I call page 16 indicators as opposed to what is on page 1. By the time it is page 1 indicator, you have missed an early to market response. Where underlying patterns or structures are discovered in one field and then applied in another field something new is created. The underlying forces that drive change are identified ahead of  the mainstream. The future is created in what is done today.



Disappearing jobs- Do the young have a work future?

Where have all the jobs gone?   Disconcerting trends are in the beginnings of intersecting to create what will become a major threat to the stability of the global economy and its 7 billion peoples. So we will see the unconnected few mentions in the back pages of magazines or newspapers of such things as […]

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Further indicators of the Era of declining economic growth

We enter the Era of long term declining global economic growth The days of rapid economic growth underwritten by taxpayers’ money via central banks Alice in Wonderland/Magic pudding monetary policy has come to an end. This free money has driven profits of companies especially in the USA where revenue growth has been slow yet profits/earnings […]

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US Presidential and Congress election 2012

Around 135 Million of the Voting Age Population (VAP) voted. That’s about 56% of the VAP. From 2000 to 2012 the percentage has declined from 58%. In Obama’s winners speech last night Simon Schama in an article in the UK Financial Times said Obama  spoke about “ how ……the ordinary people ennobled by the democratic […]

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The era of slowing Global economic growth has begun

Global economic growth in developed countries has begun its long term( LT)  trend of decline. We can expect economic growth to decline below the long term average of around 4% pa. We can expect returns for equity markets to also slow and expect less that the LT average of 7% pa. This has implications for […]

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Efficiency – the evolutionary force of creative destruction to impact on the future jobs market.

  Process and production Innovation has since time immemorial been displacing jobs- spears, axes, invention of the wheel, weapons, printing press, steam engines, internal combustion engines, containerization, internet to name a few. With the global population increasing, that only became sustained in the 19 th century due to improvements in public health infrastructure/ sanitation,  new […]

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Evolutionary business cycle forces will prevail in the economy.

I have very serious concerns about the global economy for the rest of the year and into 2013. We have oil and gold now signalling deflation.Crude Oil, United States Oil ETF (USO) fell below the lows of the previous 8 months, confirming its preexisting bearish trend. 

Gold, SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD) fell below its […]

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Europe Union? -Germany and Russia Union?

The theory in the EU was everyone would abide by the rules and in acting responsibly the weaker states would put in place the necessary conditions to allow for sustained economic growth to take root. The expansion to 27 states was based on this assumption and of course the EU was not doubt encouraged by the […]

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Creating the world’s first floating country Kiribati part 2.

  Shingo Nomura’s foundation is called the Center for Global Action and Sustainable Development (CGASD). Its members are over 20 of Japan’s leading specialists in engineering, architecture, ocean research and engineering, agriculture, education  and city planning  join the venture donating their time, expertise and patents. The CGASD will move its head quarters to Tarawa to […]

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Creating the world’s first floating country part 1

    I want to thank all those generous people who have taken the time to send me responses to my website and its posts. They have inspired me to do more posts more regularly and to add more of my real life experiences into the posts. I have been overseas on business travelling firstly […]

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what tectonic trends drive the world

In 2004 I gave a talk at the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) in Perth Western Australia on the four key driving forces in the world. Looking back on this talk I can see that these forces have intensified since 2004.  Three are big wave forces and one is a newly emerging force with the […]

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Searching for soul

Travel companies claim to have created a new niche market segment – responding to a new and growing travel demographic that wants ‘authentic’ personal experiences. These tourists want to interact with local people, participate in activities and not just be observers. Many are seeking a spiritual dimension to their travel. This trend is set out […]

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