Creating the world’s first floating sustainble country

  1. I want to thank all those generous people who have taken the time to send me responses to my website and its posts. They have inspired me to do more posts more regularly and to add more of my real life experiences into the posts. I have been overseas on business travelling firstly in January 2010 to my favourite city New York City (NYC) for almost two weeks and I wrote this on 22 February 2010 from the Hotel Otintaai Tarawa Kiribati an Island nation in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, that is tragically through no fault of its own, threatened with destruction by 2040 by rising sea levels. I am blessed and respectful of having on the one hand of being born in an age that allows such travel and on the other hand having a perspective on life that embraces and wants risk and evolution.
  2. NYC and Kiribati-Two very different cultures, landscapes and climates. What strikes me is the determining role of cultural conditioning in determining behaviour in both countries- I regard NYC as a separate country that happens to be located as a city in the USA. From the evolutionary perspective I seek is to provide a perspective that is not necessarily determined by biological, cultural conditioning or even personal history. My aim generally speaking is to overlay such an evolutionary perspective ,over economics, future trends and societal issues I cover in my website.
  3. NYC is where the world intersects. Where I expect the unexpected. That is my experience. I am fortunate of course that my energetic and inspiring Cousin Gloria Starr Kins lives in NYC. It is through her amazing life that I have experienced, that it is uniquely in NYC, where at this intersection of people from around the world, where opportunity emerges within the creative friction of this City Country. It was at Gloria’s that I met an amazing Japanese man, Shingo Nomura. Despite Nomura’s having a limited English speaking capability and my even having an even less grasp of Japanese we connected immediately at the soul level. So through his drawings and translated text I was in awe at the audaciousness his passion and the creativity of his project that had commenced in 2001 – To save a small South Pacific island civilisation that in 30 years will either be uninhabitable due to being submerged by the rising sea level, by designing and constructing a floating country – that country being the Republic of Kiribati. This is a wholesome and purposeful project that is being developed in a not for profit context and yet combines its funding with a innovative market project of salt production on one of the 33 islands of Kiribati that is planned to provide over time a major part of the USD5Billion required to make this happen! Sounds crazy at one level- on another level it offers a continuation of the Kiribati nation not in a business as usual state of what is a basically subsistence economy but that will catapult Kiribati to a higher evolutionary stage of development. It would also bring into being a new sustainable evolutionary economic development model. It is very exciting to have been invited in NYC to be a part of this project. After discussions in NYC I was asked by Shingo to attend meetings with the President and his advisors in the capital city Tarawa and I instinctively said , “Of course “, not knowing in my mind what this meant but another part of myself was full hearted in responding positively to the invitation. No meeting date had been determined other than it would be between 14 -23 February. How did this project start and how did over 20 of Japan’s leading specialists in engineering, architecture, ocean research and engineering, agriculture, education and city planning join the venture donating their time, expertise and patents. Shingo organised a symposium called Spaceship Earth Junior Confeence August 2001 in Utsunomiya Japan in 2001 for children around the world to speak about their visions for the world and or their countries. One 12 yr old from Kiribati cried out please save our country, please preserve the blue sky and sea which is who we are. Shingo responded to that from his heart and mind, by making this his mission for the rest of his life and brought together this powerful team to turn his vision into a real project. He had previously, I was told by Gloria, donated almost all of his personal wealth of USD50 M to a reduction of poverty project in Africa. He is now 66 years old. In writing this I am experiencing the energy of the evolutionary impulse as manifsted by Shingo to create the new, no matter what. That creative impulse is pure positivity and I have no doubt about the why I am here, that is it inherently good to be here even though it is not clear what I need to do here. – It such a joy to be alive in a life that often strikes me as deeply mysterious. This positivity , this experince of no doubt in existence is what I mean when I speak about spirit, about spirituality, that is what spirit is as me. It is the process of evolution becoming aware of itself through me and all of us if we dare to be aware of it- and it is always there, it is a part of us, if we dare to awaken to the part of ourselves. I have had many experiences of spirit as self in my childhood but had no context for that experience which found context in my teens as poetry especially William Wordsworth and the philosophy of Spinoza. In my next post I will go into more detail on the floating nation project and my time in Tarawa with my two Japanese colleagues, Shingo amd Hiroke.
  4. The time in Tarawa was mysterious, unselfconscious and so damn exciting.
  5. The Cabinet of the Government did not act on our proposal. This was even though we were received very positively. As Shingo didn’t have English writing capability, I prepared the 14 page proposal with a review by a local young Japanese citizen of Kiribati for local input on the government situation in Kiribati. The Kiribati Government decided to seek UN funds to assist it deal with the rising sea levels so that its less than 100,000 peoples do not have to leave their islands. As at July 2013, no funds have been forthcoming.
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