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What is spirit?

Fritjof Capra in part 1 of his book “ The hidden connections” ( 2002) provides a deep insight into what is spirit in the human experience from David Steindl- Rast a Benedictine monk and psychologist. ” Spiritual experience is an experience of aliveness of mind and body as a unity. Moreover, this experience of unity transcends not only the separation of mind and body but also the separation of self and world. The central awareness in these spiritual moments is a profound sense of oneness with all, a sense of belonging to the universe as a whole. This notion of spirituality is consistent with the notion of the embodied mind that is now being developed in cognitive science.”

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What is consciousness

What is consciousness and why is our urgent contemplation of its nature such a vital catalyst in our transformation- not just for our survival but for our evolutionary leap into a higher stage of development as a species? Edgar Mitchell was the sixth astronaut to walk on the moon and founder of the Institute of […]

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Think about it

In the Introduction to his book, Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse, author David Jay Brown writes: “Douglas Roshkoff told me that the larger a corporation grows the smaller its brain becomes in comparison and the less control it has over what it is doing. Like the dinosaurs, part of us – the military- […]

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