We need an economics informed by the evolving human spirit.

“The simplest explanation is usually the best.”

I have applied my skills as an economist and futurist for over three decades in a diverse range of activities spanning both government and private sectors. These include: public housing, consumer protection, public sector management, industrial and resources development, Industrial relations and tourism, planning a major petrochemical plant, feasibility studies, venture capital, community development, share market investment, mineral exploration and mining, organisational and personal development programs/courses and a creative spiritual practice over 12 years.

Based on a serious ongoing contemplation of my life experiences I believe that there is a purpose and meaning for all existence that transcends and includes the material realm. This higher purpose has a tangible quality of forward moving directionality and creativity. It is from this perspective that I will be enquiring into why and how economics as a human activity can evolve.

My awakening to our inherent spiritual nature arose initially through childhood experiences where a sense of oneness of all things was revealed, particularly when in nature. In adolescence I discovered the poetry of William Wordsworth who expressed so beautifully in words what I so deeply and tangibly experienced in nature…

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Economics is at its most simplest about human beings producing, distributing and consuming. These activities always occur in a context – be it historical, cultural, biological, ethical, philosophical or spiritual. Economics has generally speaking always been driven by self interest. However that self interest has been framed within differing contexts during the history of human civilisation. Adam Smith the father of economics, observed back in 1776 in his book , ” The wealth of nations,” that self interest is what drives the evolution of our civilisation. What is the motivation of self interest- survival and development? What is the source of these drives- our brains, culture or something deeper and universal like the source from which something came from nothing- an evolutionary impulse which is spirit in action? What is transformed when we experience that source within our selves? What can a new economics look like from this perspective?

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I specialise in  trend analysis, scenarios, strategic plans, creativity programs, personal and collective transformation programs.  In a world of uncertainty and volatility early awareness of trends is critical to survival.  I read a diverse range of information and have an extensive library of data that is being update daily.

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